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A powerful infrastructure for tokenization development and traditional loyalty rewards which empowers billions of people during digital transactions.

Reinvent loyalty rewards.

Transform the global economy.



A Trusted Partner in Blockchain Loyalty 


It must be easy for user to join, understand and engage in a loyalty program.


Unexpected and delightful small wins increase the satisfaction of users, which increases the loyalty of users to the brand.


Personalized service and social inclusion invokes emotional response from users.


The current market gives crypto tokens a momentum to stand out and differ from other loyalty programs.


Popularity and incentives increase the perceived value of a loyalty program.


Using trials and user feedback will keep the loyalty program continuously engaging and enhanced for users.

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The iCashRewards Loyalty Program ("iCash") is supported by a powerful infrastructure for tokenization development and traditional loyalty rewards. It also promotes the application and evolution of blockchain loyalty to the global tokenized industry.

About iCash Rewards

Loyalty reward programs exist in many industries from airlines, grocery stores and coffee shops. Its main purpose is to build customer loyalty and generate repeat business. 

Background on Blockchain Loyalty

While cryptocurrency has been around for over 10 years, it is still exciting to many new users who do not own any or only owns one type of cryptocurrency. The introduction of a loyalty program that rewards users with various cryptocurrencies exposes users to a fun and exciting market.

Benefits of Blockchain Loyalty