Gigi Pip

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Gigi Pip is a womens hat shop inspired by women who wear many hats and featuring the latest trends in hats: fedoras, floppy hats and many more. The felt hat collection from Gigi Pip has a wide range of women's hat styles including wide brim floppy hats, fedora hats, straight brim hats, wide brim fedora hats, short brim hats, and more. 

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Gigi Pip

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Gigi Pip 秉持著「舒适才是王道」与「穿任何让自己像女王的单品」两个主要信念,设计出多款帽子,并落实环保与平等贸易,材料与工匠分散于世界各处,为美国境内外的人们提供就业机会,例如澳大利亚的羊毛、南美的稻草原料,以及在美国与亚洲的製造工坊。

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