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Brings together creators and collectors in NFT crypto space and A3Com VR world !
Reinventing marketing using blockchain technology for loyalty reward to disrupt loyalty industries and continuously innovate in digital marketing industry.

Bringing the crypto community and the traditional world of art and music together for innovative and informative panels, content and fun.

"The NFT space is thriving right now. Digital creators can monetize their works like never before, and investors can diversify into scarce NFT assets,

This is compelling because art is most impactful when viewers can see themselves in it, and programmable art allows collectors to connect more deeply,

Artists are also able to create a brand new medium of art, one that they were not able to before. Artwork that can now change over time, change based on bitcoin's price change, or by the new owner's design, are now all possible,"
-Async Art, February 18, 2021

“What’s happening in the space is that the technology is very innovative, yet all of the social layer and the economic layer is just a repetition of everything from the legacy, default, world,” she says. “What we see with NFTs is that it’s producing the exact same outcomes that we were trying to disrupt.”
- British auction house Christie’s, February 19, 2021

"NFTs make virtual economies possible. NFT's provide scarcity in a world where things are infinite. When these technologies converge, the opportunity will be unimaginable. Finite assets in infinite worlds."
-Arkinvest, Nick Grous @GrousARK, February 25, 2021

Foster said he believed Beeple’s artwork sold for such a substantial amount of $6.6M because it was the artist’s “first-ever 1/1,” meaning the artwork is the only one in existence.
“ NFTs are the future, and this is just a glimpse of that … there is no ceiling on what a piece of art can be worth.” Nifty Gateways co-founder Griffin Cock Foster told CoinDesk via email. “Soon the most valuable NFTs will be worth more than any physical artwork.”
-February, 25, 2021

Mint an NFT charges 0.025 ETH,0.01 BNB.

We accept payment in iCashToken or ETH, please do not upload any sensitive content.

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